FREE DELIVERY on Gift Vouchers and orders over £75
FREE DELIVERY on Gift Vouchers and orders over £75
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The Mum To Be Collection


The perfect gift for mum-to-be, providing all round wellbeing.

Our Rose blend was designed to help uplift your spirit and enrich your skin. A deep warm floral blend. The perfect marriage of vibrant Rose known as the queen of oils for its powerful emotional benefits and fresh-lemony Geranium, supported with the rejuvenating powers of Palmarosa, to uplift your spirits. Perfect for a daily moment of self-care & luxury. Enrich skin & uplift the senses with our rejuvenating, therapeutic essential oil blend of Rose, Geranium & Palmarosa.

Set Contains:

  • Rose Body Cream
  • NEW Rose Shower Oil
  • Signature Mum-to-be Massage


VALUE £126


Step into the shower & pour this rich oil into cupped hands.

Take a moment to inhale deeply.

Massage into skin & experience it transform into a cleansing milk as the therapeutic aromas fill your shower.


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